PKG Skinny 11” Tablet Sleeve


One wag at the Tablet2Cases offices refers to the PKG Skinny tablet sleeve as “Grandpa’s Toiletry Bag.” If the tablet user can get past the let’s-call-it “classic” style of this navy-blue accessory (right down to the striped lining, incidentally), he/she can enjoy a nice enough pocketed sleeve for virtually any 11-inch device. Or just go for the hipper-looking mango-color variety…

Editor's Rating 

Taking up nearly the entire front side of the sleeve is a spacious exterior slip pocket. This is definitely appropriate for books, magazines, documents, etc. Some smaller tablet-centric accessories may be toted inside this pouch as well, though a limit to the amount of stuff that’s stuffable in the PKG Skinny is readily apparent – they don’t call it the “Skinny” for nothing, after all. Though the pocket doesn’t close per se, a button strap at the center helps hold those extras in. The interior lining is cotton fabric in a striped pattern with a bit of padding between the exterior and lining for a little extra protection. The surprising density of the rather thin material does a nice job in protecting from more extreme drops – Good news that, as the Skinny has no restraining strap or interior bezel to keep the device steady while carried. And that’s about it – somewhat stunningly, the folks at PKG decided not to include either shoulder strap or handstrap on the PKG Skinny, a tablet accessory essentially designed as a carrying case with no serious functionality. Sure this is simply an oversight to be rectified on future offerings; our suggestion to PKG: Consider what grandpa would do…


  • Good lightweight carrying
    Nice spacious front exterior slip pocket
    Fits larger tablet models

          Overall: GOOD

          Hey, Grandpa swears by it. Seriously, though, the PKG Skinny is particularly suitable for those seeking a simple carrier, and will prove particularly attractive to owners of the larger tablet sizes. Beyond this, well, Tablet2Cases is looking for the model with just one more feature or two included.


          • Fits most tablets up to 11” in size
          • Main compartment: 11.5 x 1.0 x 7.75 in (WDH)
          • Genuine top grain distressed leather gusset and accents
          • 20 oz canvas on both front and back panels
          • Custom cotton striped lining
          • Easy access 3-sided zipper entry
          • Antique brass hardware
          • Rear stash pockets for small tablets and other accessories
          • Outer snap button pocket: 11.25 x .5 x 5.75 in. (WDH)
          • Canvas colors available in Navy or Mango


                        Tablet 10'' Tablet, 11'' Tablet
                        Style Sleeve
                        Brand PKG
                        Function -
                        Price High End $80 - $149
                        Dimensions -
                        Exterior Material Fabric
                        Closure Zipper
                        Features Pockets
                        Smart Cover Compatible


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