Out of Print eBook Jacket Apple iPad 2/3/4 The Great Gatsby Book Case


The amazing-looking tablet book cases by Out of Print provide excellent protection in one easily carried, easily stored product assembled with traditional book-binding techniques. These are eye-catchers, conversation-starters and, definitely a best case scenario for bookworms. This one of course, is a great themed tablet case for fans of The Great Gatsby.

Editor's Rating 

It happened to me three times on the first day. Setting down my iPad 3 encased in the Out of Print book tablet case , and its unique “The Great Gatsby” cover art was quick to draw the attention of a colleague. The conversations were incredibly similar. “Wow, great book,” that unsuspecting acquaintance would say. “Open it up,” I’d suggest to be treated with the same pleasantly-surprised expression three times over. And each person walked away impressed with a clever idea well executed. Indeed, the idea behind this tablet case for fans and its design are brilliantly done. Beginning with the genuine clothbound cover – no cheap cardboard and plastic finish here – evokes both the style and the durability of early 20th-century print. This durability also offers solid protection from drops while sealing the tablet in nicely. And the tablet’s camouflaged appearances make it ideal for storing on shelves and carrying in backpacks or tablet bags. In the iPad model we tested, all cutouts are perfectly placed. Some users might initially be concerned with lack of external cutout for the tablet’s speaker, but Out of Print has designed the internal rubber frame to allow for perfect sound to emanate with no loss of quality.


  • Close fitting protection
  • Excellent tactile 'hand-feel'
  • Optional monogramming

            Overall: OKAY

            The Out of Print eBook Jacket is certainly one of the most interesting and exciting tablet cases ever released. Few other book-style tablet cases can compete with its distinctive looks and design for protection, period. In the end, we see this as a best case scenario for the iPad-toting bookworms.


            • Designed for Apple iPad 2 and new iPad 3/4
            • Distinctive “The Great Gatsby” cover art taken from the 1925 first edition jacket by Francis Cugat
            • Hardcover book board wrapped with heavyweight cloth
            • Manufactured by the oldest bookbindery in the USA
            • Made of 30% recycled materials
            • UV coated exterior for added scratch protection and water resilience
            • Interior soft rubberized plastic frame holds the tablet ultra-secureCutouts for all buttons, input/output ports and rear-facing camera
            • Approximate 5° angle for typing in landscape format
            • Net weight: 385 g / 12.4 oz


                          Tablet Apple iPad 2, Apple iPad 3, Apple iPad 4
                          Style Book
                          Brand Out of Print
                          Price Great Value $40-$79
                          Dimensions 7.8 x .75 x 10.2 in.
                          Exterior Material Fabric
                          Features Button Cutouts ,Port Cutouts ,Speaker Grill,Customizable


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