Zagg NBA sportLEATHER Apple iPad 2/3/4 Skin


You’ve got the hats, the jerseys, the posters—but do you have your favorite NBA team on your iPad? That’s right, ZAGG has come out with a whole line of protective tablet skins that will bring an official NBA logo to your tablet. Made from Zagg’s special sportsLEATHER, the skin is textured just like a basketball. So, who’s ready for some hoops?

Editor's Rating 

Sports fans are collectors, aren’t we? We grow up with trading cards, next we get the apparel and then when we’re older, we’ll probably move on to betting on eBay for memorabilia. In between all of these steps, other sports-related items creep in to our team shrines. This is where Zagg enters—their new line of iPad 2 / iPad 3 skins feature official NBA logos decked out to look and feel like a basketball. This skin is an excellent combo of personality and protection that fits perfectly to any newer generation iPad. Zagg has a special material they call ‘sportLEATHER’, which basically recreates the look and texture of sports equipment—from baseballs to basketballs to footballs (I suppose the rubbery hockey puck look is already patented by other case makers). These skins are thin and pliable, similar to a film but made up of genuine leather. This is perfect for the armchair sports enthusiast! Like other Zagg skins, the design is slim and elegant and applies directly to the back of the Apple tablet in a simple 3-step process. The skin also provides extra protection and some much-needed grip along the slippery back. Plus, the case has perfect cutouts for the external ports on iPad 2and New iPad 3 (headphone, speaker grill, rear camera), but you have to carefully line them up when you apply the skin. If you’re a sports fan, the iPad 2/iPad 3 NBA sportLEATHER basketball skin is the ultimate accessory for your gadget. If you are not into the sports designs but have a fanatic friend, then this would make a great gift. A simple skin like this one can go a long way in adding personality and protection to your tablet. The teams available are:

  • Atlanta Hawks,
  • Boston Celtics,
  • Charlotte Bobcats,
  • Chicago Bulls,
  • Cleveland Cavaliers,
  • Dallas Mavericks,
  • Denver Nuggets,
  • Detroit Pistons,
  • Golden State Warriors,
  • Houston Rockets,
  • Indiana Pacers,
  • Los Angeles Clippers,
  • LA Lakers,
  • Memphis Grizzlies,
  • Miami Heat,
  • Milwaukee Bick,
  • Minnesota Timberwolves,
  • New Jersey Nets,
  • New Orleans Hornets,
  • New York Knicks,
  • Oklahoma City Thunder,
  • Orlando Magic,
  • Philadelphia 76ers,
  • Phoenix Suns,
  • Portland Trail Blazers,
  • Sacramento Kings,
  • San Antonio Spurs,
  • Toronto Raptors,
  • Utah Jazz,
  • Washington Wizards


  • Available for iPad 2 & New iPad 3
  • Smart Cover compatible
  • Long lasting leather

            Overall: GOOD

            Show your true team spirit with Zagg NBA sportLEATHER skin for iPad 2 or New iPad 3. Good protection along the back with some extra grip, not to mention a superb design and official team logo. Is saying ‘slam dunk’ too cliché here?


            • Pick your favorite NBA team and have their logo on a stylish basketball leather skin for the New iPad and iPad 2
            • Made from real leather with genuine textures
            • Partner to Zagg's invisibleShield
            • Highly improves grip on back


                          Tablet Apple iPad 2, Apple iPad 3, Apple iPad 4
                          Style Skin
                          Brand ZAGG
                          Function Mens, Themed
                          Price Great Value $40-$79
                          Exterior Material Leather
                          Features Smart Cover Compatible


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