Germanmade Holder Apple iPad / 7-12” Tablet Wall Mount review


Talk about your no-nonsense tablet accessories: The Germanmade Holder tablet wall mount is a super-sturdy, one-piece permanent steel metal fixture that can display nearly any 7” to 12” device – with some reservations. Basically, the thinner your tablet’s bezel, the less likely this wall mount will offer a proper picture display.

Editor's Rating 

The first thing one can’t help but notice about the Germanmade Holder tablet wall mount is its sheer presence: It’s a simple L-shape design with just enough heft to reassure the device owner of its strength. The powder-coated steel metal brings out the vibrant color of whichever model one chooses and the metal nicely defies the everyday elements.

The Holder wall mount is meant to be a permanent fixture essentially anywhere in the home or office – note that some assembly, i.e. the placement of the support into a wall, is required. Once affixed, using the Holder is simplicity itself. The base coming out horizontally from the wall contains a notch in which virtually any device of sizes 7” to 12” may be placed either in landscape or portrait mode; the notch and base are rubberized to prevent slippage of the tablet.

Note, however, that herein lies a problem. The notch is set about ¾” lower than the wall mount’s base. Essentially this means that if your tablet sports a bezel of less the ¾” thickness, some part of the screen may be obscured. As for the iPad, viewing is decent, but the sleep/wake button is not exactly accessible – would-be purchasers of the Germanmade Holder are thus advised.


                  Tablet Apple iPad 2, Apple iPad 3, Apple iPad 4
                  Style wall mount
                  Brand GermanMade
                  Function Business
                  Price Great Value $40-$79
                  Dimensions 5.7 X .30 X 8.3 in (WDH)
                  Exterior Material Metal
                  Features Button Cutouts ,Port Cutouts ,Speaker GrillSmart Cover Compatible


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