Germanmade Holz Apple iPad Mini 1/2/3 Wood Shell


Although the Holz could have been made centuries ago, Germanmade employs high-tech machinery to make these wooden shells. Computer aided design and computer controlled milling is used to make a perfect fitting tablet shell for the iPad Mini.

Editor's Rating 

This is an expensive and somewhat unpredictable process. But Germanmade will not release any units with the slightest imperfection. This explains – although doesn’t necessarily justify – the relatively high retail price. The Holz is offered in a choice of Acacia, Ash, and Plum wood, each with its own unique grain and color tone. What all models have in common is that each is sourced from certified sustainable forestry partners. Since the Holz is rigid, it cannot be attached to the tablet like most plastic equivalents. The trick is that the single wooden plate is cut in half at the horizontal axis, and each piece is slid on from the short sides of the iPad Mini. Just knock on wood (no pun intended) that the grooves along the long edges don’t get worn out over time causing the Holz to start sliding off all by itself.

              Overall: Good


                              Tablet Apple iPad Mini 1/2/3
                              Style Shell
                              Brand Germanmade 
                              Function Business
                              Exterior Material wood


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