Woodford Design Inkee Apple iPad 2/3/4 Custom Print Shell review


Woodford Design has produced the ultimate in customizable tablet cases with its new Inkee back protector. Not only can you use your own design to emblazon the case, you can change it up to 5 times whenever the mood strikes by simply printing out a new design and adhering.

Editor's Rating 

It says here that if you don’t like the design of your Inkee iPad Custom Print Back Protector case, you only have yourself to blame – of course, you can just make a new one! While this Woodford Design tablet case is at heart a simple hard-plastic Smart Cover compatible tablet back protector designed for Apple iPad 2 and New iPad 3. It comes in either white or black to match the tablet aesthetic. But of course, the looks don't have to end just there. That is the main benefit of this solution. Users get to create their own custom design to inject more life into this accessory, which in turn, gives their tablet some distinctive looks and greater personal appeal. In just minutes, the Inkee can transform from a typical back protector design to an atypical case for fans. The package includes 5 pre-cut, self-adhesive fabric sheets that may be run through any standard printer. Instructions on how to do so are provided, but the process is essentially as simple as printing out any graphic. When finished, the new print adheres to the frame-like design on the Inkee’s back. Of note, too, is the nice feel provided by the synthetic fabric: While adding next to no weight at all to this already lightweight back protector, grippability of the device is increased with the Inkee in place.


  • Complete design customization
  • Ultra-thin & Lightweight
  • Smart Cover compatible Includes a screen protector
  • Compatible with any ink jet printer

              Overall: GREAT

              As stated previously, if you’re looking for true-blue 100% customization of your tablet case, the Woodford Designs Inkee is the best case scenario – and not at all a bad choice in back protectors either...


                              Tablet Apple iPad 2, Apple iPad 3, Apple iPad 4
                              Style Shell
                              Brand Woodford Design
                              Function Womens


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