Evouni Apple iPad / 9" Tablet Envelope Case


Who knew paper could be this tough? Well, this envelope case isn’t made with the standard stuff. Rather Evouni employs a tear- and water-resistant type, which is well pieced together for allowing the Non-Tear Envelope sleeve to provide sustainable everyday protection to any Apple iPad or 9" tablet. Its better-than-average build could certainly help justify paying a higher-than-average price.

Editor's Rating 

The Evouni Non-Tear Envelope Sleeve is a smart cover compatible design that fits any iPad or 9” tablet. It’s available in three color combinations: tan with red or olive green interior, and green with gray interior.

This tablet sleeve definitely looks the part of a typical office envelope, but it acts a whole lot tougher. Evuoni has chosen tear- and water-resistant Kraft Paper for this Eco-Friendly tablet case . And they have further enhanced the material’s durability by stitching it together using a high-pressure suturing technique.

The buckle on the front consists of two branded leather discs and a leather strap that ties-up in figure-eight fashion to seal the sleeve securely shut. This mechanism seems just as durable as the rest of the sleeve. Once closed, the soft wool felt lining can do its business of preventing scratches and dings to the tablet screen during transport.


  • 2012 Golden Case Awards winner for Best Eco-Friendly Case
  • Durable material construction
  • Extremely lightweight
  • Paper cover may be written on

Overall: Good

    • Everything here is done well to the point that finding a higher-quality design should prove difficult. The Non-Tear Envelope can be certainly considered a best case scenario for those seeking sustainable everyday protection for their iPad or 9” tablet.


      • Fits any generation Apple iPad or like-sized 9” tablet
      • Also a good fit for Samsung Galaxy Tab 8.9 or Amazon Kindle Fire HD 8.9
      • Smart Cover compatible
      • Tear and water-resistant Kraft paper design
      • Branded leather buckle for secure case closure
      • Permeable wool felt lining prevents screen scratching
      • Sewn together by high-pressure suture technique for extra durability
      • Ultra-flexible, slim and lightweight design
      • Provides generous protection against standard wear and tear
      • Brand name and product description printed on the front
      • Brand motto printed on the back side
      • Net weight: 72g / 2.5 oz


                                            Style Envelope
                                            Brand Evouni
                                            Function Womens, design
                                            Price Great Value $40-$79
                                            Exterior Material  Eco-Friendly
                                            Features Smart Cover Compatible


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