Gripcase/GripBase Apple iPad 2/3/4 Play Case & Stand


Tablet2Cases was quite impressed with the Gripcase, a good protective EVA foam kids play case that makes an iPad 2 or New iPad 3/4 easily portable. In fact, the Gripcase only had one serious drawback: Namely, no stand or base for viewing the iPad while encased. This flaw is addressed by the GripBase, an incredibly sturdy tablet stand designed exclusively for use with the Gripcase. The only unfortunate thing is that, yes, you’ll be paying extra because this item sold separately.

Editor's Rating 

Those considering (or maybe even already owning) the original Gripcase will definitely want to consider adding the companion GripBase. This seriously sturdy accessory well compensates for the only notable failing in the Gripcase, providing the young ones a great base for viewing in portrait or landscape mode. As opposed to the more colorful Gripcase, the GripBase is basic black. But that might be the only thing that’s basic about this stand. A single piece of molded plastic features a groove in which to prop the encased iPad, with a pair of ridges supporting the tablet’s back. A cutout here allows the user to run a charger cord underneath the base while in use. At the back is a nice bit of storage space for small accessories, perhaps even a Smartphone (You know, for those precocious kiddies really into electronics). Despite its sheer plastic makeup, the GripBase is remarkably weighted. The first time a user actually picks up this accessory, he/she is sure to be surprised by the stability. What this means to parents is clear: a tablet stand that won’t be easily pushed around – literally.


Notably sturdy base
Convenient storage space for small accessories
Display in portrait and landscape modes

Overall: Good

    The most unfortunate aspect of the otherwise excellent GripBase is its design for exclusive use with the Gripcase. For owners/prospective owners of a Gripcase, this tough and functional stand is truly a best case scenario. For everyone else, well, we advise you to keep searching.


        • Designed for compatible use with the Gripcase (sold separately)
        • Hard plastic design
        • Supports the Gripcase in both landscape and portrait formats
        • Displays the encased iPad at a 65° angle for browsing or viewing
        • Built-in slot for storing charging cable, earphones or other small accessories
        • Net weight: 299g / 10.5 oz


                                              Brand Gripscase
                                              Function Play, Rugged & Tough, Stand
                                              Price Great Value $40-$79
                                              Exterior Material  Plastic
                                              Features Rugged/Tough


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