Tuff-Luv Tri-Axis iPad 2/3/4 Microfiber Folio Case


Odd brand name aside – Did they really name a line after a method for dealing with unruly children? – Tuff-Luv’s tablet case for the Apple iPad 2 and New iPad is well notable for its clever combination of style and functionality in one compact, slick-looking microfiber package.

Editor's Rating 

Sure, Tuff-Luv’s folio tablet case has a distinctive and elegant-looking exterior – always a plus – but the really nice thing about this case is the way its style elements also serve a functional purpose for the iPad user. The best example is perhaps the most prominently featured. On the front cover of the tablet case are what appear to be five stitched squares running consecutively to the right edge. At first glance, these appear to be merely design elements but in actuality each conceals a small Velcro pad. In tandem with the stand buttoned down to the back, these seemingly innocent squares become pads offering five viewing angles in landscape mode alone. Happily, too, it’s not all about functionality in the Tuff-Luv Tri-Axis tablet case. The soft microfiber cover makes for an excellent feel while the whole case is remarkably light and compact. The iPad fits perfectly in the interior frame and is held in place by another handy Velcro fastener. Putting the stand on the outside may be a drawback for some, but a button fastener allows it to fit snugly while added another design element. Tuff-Luv touts their tablet cases as “combining innovative and functional designs” – their model for the iPad 2 and New iPad 3 certainly lives up to this motto.


      • Lovingly designed case handmade in high Micro Fibre in Grey
      • Tri-Axis series supports 5 viewing angles landscape, and single portrait setting (left or right handed).
      • Secure fastener to ensure Apple iPad 2 is safe when you are out and about!
      • Includes the new "Stasis" feature to automatically put your iPad 2 to sleep, when the lid is closed.


                                            Style Folio
                                            Brand Tuff-Luv
                                            Function dga
                                            Price Great Value $40-$79
                                            Exterior Material  Microfiber
                                            Features Sleep/Wake Cover ,Stand Feature


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