Tuff-Luv Aquatic 6" - 7" Tablet Waterproof Sleeve


To make sure your tablet is safe from the weather, waves, water, and wetness in general, Tuff-Luv introduces their Aquatic Pocket Pouch. The waterproof case is made of slick, aquatic pack plastic material and features a double-seal consisting of two zip-seals and snap-button locks. This design is purposed to provide device protection in underwater submersion in depths up to 1 meter

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The Aquatic Pocket Pouch is universally designed for compatible use with any tablet up to 7.8 x .50 x 9.4 inched (WDH). It features a transparent front window to maintain clear access to your device's touchscreen and most buttons.

Built into the case is an adjustable cord with anti-twist/tangle tension-relief mechanism. This feature can be used to hang the case on a shower head, or simply keep it securely on your person so that your device does not float out to sea.


      • 1 metre waterproof
      • Interior size: 240 mm ( H ) x 200 mm ( W )
      • 2 air-tight zip-seals and snap buttons
      • Adjustable length carry cord
      • Anti-twist/tangle cord tension relief mechanism


                                            Style Sleeve, Waterproof
                                            Brand Tuff-Luv
                                            Function Outdoor
                                            Price Budget $1 - $39
                                            Exterior Material  Plastic
                                            Features Hand Strap ,Shoulder Strap ,Waterproof


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