The Lights Are Certainly Gonna Find the Universal Cooper Trooper Case

In today’s fast-moving world the lifespan of technological devices becomes shorter and shorter. We upgrade our smartphones and tablets on a yearly basis now, some of us get a new tablet even faster. However, every new tablet delivers a problem of covering it up by a case, which not only fits and protects, but actually suits our taste.

Most universal cases are tailored to fit a wide range of tablets, but with one major restriction – size. Users usually have to choose between 7-8”and 9-10” sized cases. But finally there’s a solution for those who change tablets often, but want to stick to their beloved case of choice: Cooper Trooper.

Cooper Cases has created a unique tablet rugged case, which will stretch to fit any device in the 9.7-10" range including the likes of any “big” Apple iPad, large Samsung Galaxy Tabs, Lenovo IdePads, and many more. The Trooper will expand 6.5-7.5"in width and 9.5-10.5" in height, but will remain just as practical and ultra-protective. 

The main mission of the case is protection, and it accomplishes it with ease. It’s crafted from reinforced silicone with special attention to corners, which are most vulnerable during drops. The material allows the rugged tablet case to be not only impact-resistant, but also delivers a secure grip, minimizing the risk of drops. Additionally, the case is extremely easy to clean: both dry and wet, but make sure you take it off your tablet before running water over it.

The minimalist, slimline design of the Trooper doesn’t add any bulk to the tablet, but manages to provide maximum protection, while still offering great flexibility. All of the device’s ports and buttons are open to direct access, while inside the case.

Besides being ready for whatever comes its way, the case is also functional as hell. A clever kickstand, built into the back, offers a variety of viewing and typing angles. Moreover, the integrated stand works equally well in both landscape and portrait orientation.

Cooper Cases did a great job designing this ultimate tablet survival kit. While the main focus is on keeping the device safe in modern volatile conditions, the case is also quite stylish. It’s equally suitable for kids, thanks to the non-toxic nature of its material, and adults who live an active life and keep on upgrading their tablets often.

About Cooper Cases:

Cooper is a new brand that creates very likable tablet cases. Agreeable designs, function and price are the cornerstones, all to give consumers the most bang for their buck. The brand designs and markets Cooper cases in all shapes and sizes for serving a range of tablets, and offered in a variety of colors for complimenting many user personalities and lifestyles.

The collection of Cooper tablet cases is substantial, coming in an array of case styles including back protectors, sleeves, folios, keyboard cases, tablet stands and car mounts, just to name of few. Basically, the only thing you won’t find here is designer tablet cases. Cooper often collaborates with other brands and the solutions they have come up with prove that two heads can indeed be better than one.

Cases for men, cases for ladies, and cases for students - this brand has them all! Cooper cases can appeal to all walks of life, and consumer budgets. While many brands may ask you to empty out your wallet for one of their designs, you can simply cash in a jar of saved copper pennies to buy Cooper tablet cases.

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