Make Your iPad Mini 4 Really Cool With the Azbukka Tablet Sleeve

Azbukka launched a rather unusual tablet sleeve universally compatible with all iPad Minis including the latest Apple iPad Mini 4. The unique design reminds of strict architectural lines and corners, which in turn provide a sense of security. What’s more important is the fact that the tablet is completely safe from impacts and bumps while inside the case. The acrylic pieces that safeguard the device are interwoven by elastic strips, which makes the case just as flexible as it is sturdy. Corner straps help transform the sleeve into a convenient tablet stand with several angles.

About Azbukka:
Designed in and handcrafted in beautiful European country Lithuania, our accessories belong to the category of New Luxury which brings back the essential beauty of craftsmanship and combines it with technological innovations as well as strong design concept.

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