The iPads Enjoy Perks of the Redesigned Zoogue New Case Genius Exec

Zoogue updated their super-popular line of folio tablet cases, which is now called the New Case Genius Exec. The case is available in a variety of sizes from the iPad Mini, iPad 2-4, both Apple iPad Air sizes, to the upcoming iPad Pro. The main feature of the accessory is naturally its unique tablet stand, which delivers an unbeaten number of viewing angles, with great stability secured by Velcro strip. The case also excels at keeping the tablet safe from bumps and bruises covering it from all sides. The cover flap features dual functionality: it’s a magnetic lock and auto sleep/wake trigger at the same time.

About Zoogue:
ZooGue is not your typical iPad and iPhone accessory company. We are obsessive about quality and attention to detail. We were founded in 2010 by a young entrepreneur down on his luck that decided to risk everything with an ingenious design now known as the Case Genius which is still to this day the only iPad Case in the world that is adjustable to literally any angle in a very solid and secure manner.

The harder you work the luckier you are. In August 2010 Tim was notified by his shipping department that it appeared Rush Limbaugh (the most listened to radio talk show host in the US) purchased a case and they were about to ship it out. Tim wrote Rush a hand written letter and sent it in the box with the cases. A week later Tim was at the office working when he received a unexpected call from a friend that told him Rush Limbaugh was reading his letter live on the air. Tim looked at his site traffic online but there was nothing. Turns out there was so much traffic on the site that the tracking program stopped working. There were about 5 orders a minute for a couple hours and almost 300 orders in 1 day.

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