Funny and Creative Japanese Inventions for Tablets and Smartphones


The invention of the smartphone and tablet have opened us up for funny and creative accessories to be invented for smartphones and tablets. While some of the inventions are simply funny, others are useful and none are ever boring.

Check out three of the funniest accessories on the market today. Some of which you may actually use.



Thumb Extender


Is your thumb too small to get around your tablet or smartphone fast enough? If so try the Thumb Extender. It works by giving your thumb a few millimeters more length, allowing you to keep your other hand free. Made of silicon, the thumb was built to look realistic, while making sure to work on the device’s touch screen. One size fits most giving users a .6” extension. Purchase the thumb extender from Thanko for $36 USD.



Bath Air Pillow Smartphone Holder


Bath Air PillowLove taking baths and want to take your smartphone or tablet with you? Then the is for you. It places your device into a water proof case attached to the arm of the pillow. This arm hooks around your shoulder and places the tablet or smartphone at eye level.

The arm can be adjusted and keeps the device safe from the water in the tub. Go hands-free or play on your tablet without fear of dropping it into the water or getting it wet from your hands. The pillow comes in three colors and costs $48 USD.



Thanko Smartphone de Theater Projector


Turn an Android or iPhone into a home theater system with the Thanko Smartphone de Theater Projector. This simple cardboard projector works by placing a phone into the back of the box and then funneling the video through the front lense onto a wall or other flat surface.

It is lightweight and requires no power source. Instead the phone’ battery is all that is needed to watch videos, so make sure it is fully charged! To get the full movie experience use a bluetooth speaker with the projector, to get better sound quality. The projector costs $90 USD and weighs less than 1 pound.



These japanese inventions are not only funny, but useful! Use your tablet more efficiently, watch videos in the bath, or turn it into a home theater. See an accessory you want? Click the links provided to check them out. If you love it tell us about it in the comments below.

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