Pack Light: Travel With a Tablet on Your Next Big Adventure

Hi, I’m Hailee and I love to travel. Recently, my husband and I visited sunny Cancun, Mexico for our honeymoon and I did it all with only a carry on bag and my trusted tablet. Usually I lug my laptop with me, but trading it in with my tablet made my trip much simpler. It saved space in my luggage and allowed me to be more productive while enjoying my trip. Find out how taking your tablet with you can turn you into a travelling pro!



Set Yourself Up for Success


As a writer I do a lot of work on my computer. When I was leaving for Cancun I knew it was a possibility that I might need to do some additional work during my travels. So I purchased a tablet case with an attached bluetooth keyboard. This enabled me to use my tablet just like my laptop. Once connected to the Internet I could send emails and work just like I would on my laptop.



Be Airport Ready


The airport security line can be a huge stressor during vacations. If you have a laptop it must be taken out of your luggage and put into a bin for inspection. With a tablet you don’t have to worry about that. Pack it in your bag and don’t worry about it. Once on the plane you can take it out and use it right away. Also, most airlines provide an app for inflight entertainment that can be downloaded to your phone or tablet, but not your laptop.



Enjoy the Adventure 


Whether you are sitting on the beach or visiting ancient Mayan ruins (I did both), your tablet is your biggest ally. You can read books while getting a tan, or take pictures during your guided tours. You can also use your tablet during the sometimes long commute to your hotel or tour stop.



With your tablet you have the ability to work and play at the same time, all on one device. Check out my vacation pictures and share yours in the comments!

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