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2013 Best universal tablet case


As more and more tablets enter the market, universal-fitting cases are increasing in demand. So we have decided to create a whole new Golden Case category to honor such valuable products. The inaugural Best Universal Case winner is the iBallz accessory. This super-unique, clever design is ideal for instantly drop-proof protecting a wide range of iPad and Android tablets. And given that tablet protection is generally the first order of business, the iBallz was the clear Best Universal Case in 2013.

Yes, the potential slogans for a product called “iBallz” are easily dreamed up. But funny name aside, the truth is that the iBallz Original is one of the most convenient and inexpensive ways to upgrade an Apple iPad or 10” tablet. Instant rugged case-style protection against drops is added to the device in seconds with this easy-on, easy-off accessory - so give your tablet some ballz today! (Oops, sorry.)


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Brand iBallz
Color Black, Blue
Style Rugged & Tough
Tablet 7" tablets, 8" tablets, 9" tablets, 10" tablets