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Designer cases may refer to any tablet carrier bearing a designer brand name. Some top-end fashion moguls like Channel, Gucci and Louis Vuitton have released designer cases, as have the Walt Disney and Hello Kitty franchises. Smaller designer/producers may be specialists in designer tablet cases as well.

Smaller manufacturers can sometimes afford to be even more daring in designer case designs than their large-branded competitors and may offer cases made of exotic material up to and including animal skin. These models may also sport carrier straps and lots of storage space for personal items or tablet accessories.

Tablet designer cases have even seen demand rise for a sub-category with “bling cases,” trendy colorful and patterned designer tablet covers which often feature some pop-cultural icon such as Hello Kitty.

The prospective owner of a designer tablet case should expect to pay well more for these prestige items than for a similar-styled case. It should also be noted that designer cases are often limited-edition releases.

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