The envelope case is another style of carrying case noted for its user-friendliness, easy access and streamlined look. Users looking for tablet cases that are lightweight, easily portable, sleek and stylish will find the envelope style to be a good bet.

As the name indicates, this style of tablet case outwardly resembles the shape of an envelope and has a single clasp to keep it closed. The simplest designs in envelope tablet cases still contain adequate padding to protect the tablet from scratches and smudging. Some models may include a bit of extra storage space, and the range of envelope cases is growing in this area.

Envelope cases for tablets come in a somewhat limited range of materials: leather, nylon, polyester and faux-leather are the most common options here, but once in a while an envelope cases crafted from animal skin or denim may be found. In terms of looks, the sky is the limit in envelope tablet cases, with lots of colorful designs and a range of solid colors available.


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