Established 2012
Origin UTAH, USA
Link Website
Product range Small

Founded in 2012, 10Terra is an American company operating out of Northern Utah, committed to producing premium quality, eco-friendly accessories for mobile devices. In using only sustainable or recycled materials in creating 10Terra cases, the company puts new meaning to the word “good steward of the planet”. At this time, 10Terra only produces high-quality, durable tablet back protectors for the popular Apple iPads and Google Nexus 7 tablets. These simple, yet highly attractive cases are hand crafted out of sustainable bamboo material which provides the fitted tablet generous impact protection. The brand's product line also includes the Felt Sleeve made from recycled water and soda bottles, and compatible with any Apple iPad, the Google Nexus 10 or like-sized tablet. With prices ranging from $20 to $60, 10Terra proves that being eco-friendly doesn’t mean exuberant price tags. Producing tablet cases for the most popular devices on the market, 10Terra walks hand-in-hand with progress and plans to cover recently launched gizmos, including the iPad Mini, as well. Customers who buy 10Terra tablet cases not only receive a unique and reliable accessory of the highest quality that is highly likely to outlive the device itself, but also help preserve the planet.

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