Established 1993
Origin JAPAN
Link Website
Product range Small


Since 1993, this company has been producing ready-to-wear merchandise that young people in the urban jungle love to dress into after bathing. Founded by Nigo, a Japanese music producer and DJ, A Bathing Ape (BAPE) is known for their flashy, contemporary T-shirts, hoodies and footwear. Separate from their own original designs, this fashion giant often collaborates with other brands, artists and musicians to develop more products that embody pop-culture style.

As a brand that targets a youthful demographic, it is only fitting that they now offer a selection of A Bathing Ape cases for catering to these certain tech-savvy, gadget-happy individuals. For around $20-$30, one can find some basic tablet protector cases and tablet sleeves from various dealers and wholesalers. For more high-end designer tablet case quality, A Bathing Ape has recently teamed up with BUILT NY to create a zippered tablet sleeve that incorporates BAPE’s popular camouflage print design.

Those who are loyal to A Bathing Ape’s fresh, hip fashions should also appreciate the selection of choices for dressing their trendy new device. But you don’t have to visit the city zoo to spot this bathing ape, rather look for the stores marked "BAPE", or start here if you want to buy A Bathing Ape iPad cases.

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