Established 2008
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Alef Design, established in 2008, is a company from Hong Kong specializing in manufacturing products that convey the "unique style of the Netherlands" (huh?). Surely, this attributed ‘style’ communicates something surreal, but seemingly more questionable is how their low-end products will be perceived by owners of high-end devices.

The company currently offers 4 types of Alef Design iPad cases. While these products incorporate a simple design with limited overall functionality, their bold colors and unique patterns certainly do convey this company's commitment to style. Alef Design is primarily known for creating an extensive collection of office desk accessories, of which their tablet cases appear to represent a similar continued focus.

The company has lofty goals for expansion and growth in this particular market, but we still think they need to further develop their collection in order to generate more inspiration to buy Alef Design tablet cases. For now, this company will provide you with a simple and affordable option to give your device some added style as sits atop your desk.


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