Established 1964
Origin USA
Link Website
Product range Small


Allsop Inc has been owned and operated by one family for nearly two generations. With headquarters in Europe and North America, they are a large company consisting of three separate divisions. But, for our intent and purposes we are only interested in their technology division; whose mission is to offer products that provide style, protection and comfort to portable devices.

In the selection of Allsop cases, there are only a couple options available at this time for tablet owners one of which is the the Ohmetric tablet sleeve for Tablet/iPad/Netbook. Though the designs are simple, their price ($25USD) will suggest that the company is primarily focused on affordability to attract consumers. However, some tablet owners may be concerned about the fact these products are 'universal' since they are not individually form-fitting to specific tablet PCs.

The fact that Allsop has remained in control by a single family for 45 years expresses loyalty. Such a virtue is rare in today’s corporate world and may be enough to convince you to buy Allsop tablet cases. Still, we will feel even more confident about this company once they develop and introduce cases that specifically form-fit the Apple iPad and/or other tablet computers.


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