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Before the Angry Birds hatched, their eggs were laid by Rovio, an entertainment media company headquartered in Finland. Founded in 2003, this mother bird has since developed several award-winning titles for various mobile platforms. In 2009, Rovio unleashed the flock of Angry Birds upon the world and within a year their wingspans had expanded to reach all corners for the globe. And if you're an Angry Birds enthusiast, perhaps it only appropriate to house the electronic device used for gaming in an Angry Birds case.

Fanatics everywhere are flocking to the market to buy Angry Birds cases, seemingly before these accessories have even had the chance to land. Choice designs currently include tablet back protectors and folio tablet cases for the iPads, and 10” tablet sleeves for a range of popular devices. Angry Birds survival is the objective of the game, and likewise, most of these themed cases will offer the protection needed for their valuable devices to live a long full life.

It is well understood that the Angry Birds franchise has developed into huge success. So popular that their loveable enemies, the “Bad Piggies”, have launched in September 2012 for iOS, Android and Mac. It probably won’t be too long before Bad Piggies tablet cases are made available for meeting the squealing demands.

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