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The founders of this Colorado-based company, Greg Hydle and Lance Atkins, are adventure enthusiasts who understand the importance of protection. When Atkins’ Macbook received a fatal hit during an African safari, the two were inspired to create a stronger and more durable carrying solution. Beginning with a prototype made of oak wood , Blackbox Case, a successful KickStarter project, now delivers accessories that utilize lightweight Bamboo fiber, which will provide full-proof and sustainable protection for your valuable electronic device.

The company has developed just one Blackbox iPad case , the Bamboo iPad 2 case . This accessory is constructed as a crossbreed style of tablet protector and tablet sleeve , and incorporates a leather strap to keep your device securely fastened inside. Just like the "black box" aboard every aircraft, you can feel rest assured that your device will also survive any high impact blow, crash or drop.

There is currently high-demand for this company’s handmade tablet cases , so those who wish to buy Blackbox Case tablet cases should keep in mind that there may be a 4-6 week delivery waiting time. Still, their unique lightweight, trim design and superior protective qualities are well worth your patience to acquire one!


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