Established 2002
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Product range Large

This company, headquartered in Bellevue, Washington, is a distributor of accessories for hand-held electronic devices. Since 2002, BoxWave has been creating products that have been recognized by many industry leaders. The company offers one of the most comprehensive lists of devices supported and this holds true in its present collection of over forty types of BoxWave tablet cases.

Ranging from tablet bags , tablet cases, covers and tablet sleeves , this company’s line of products is undeniably one of the largest being offered by a single manufacturer. While they may not overwhelm you in terms of innovative design or style, the company appears focused on delivering a variety of options to satisfy basic functional needs for an affordable price.

The company claims to offer products of the highest quality, but whether or not this is true can obviously only be confirmed by those who buy BoxWave tablet cases. Those who are hesitant to commit due to any concerns or doubts, can be encouraged by the fact that the company backs all its products with a robust return policy and warranty.


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