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Brydge was created out of the desire to develop a better tablet keyboard case for the iPad. The brand name could represent their San Francisco area base, or the fact that debut Brydge cases bridge the gap between form and function. In all likelihood, the name was probably inspired by a bit of both. Brydge was launched through Kickstarter, and successfully achieved their $90,000 goal on June 4th 2012. Actually, the brand well exceed this target, so there are obviously many people interested to buy Brydge tablet cases.

The Brydge iPad case will convert any iPad2 or new iPad into a MacBook Air. This clamshell case is an aerospace-grade aluminum design with a patent-pending hinge that allows for close to 180 degrees of screen display angles. The case also features a sleep/wake magnet, special iPad function keys, and built-in speakers to enhance sound quality. Pay the toll ($210 w/ speakers, $170 w/o) to cross the bridge, and your device will come out the other side more functional and easier to use than before.

Of course it’s too soon to tell what Brydge will create next for the tablet case market. Given the buzz around their debut product, surely there will be many consumers eager to cross that new bridge when they get there.


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