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Santiago Merea noticed his wife loved to use the iPad in the kitchen. Worried that the messy environment wouldn’t bode well for the valuable device, he created a new recipe called the Chef Sleeve. With help from a Minneapolis product-design firm, Chef Sleeve cases have arrived to the tablet case market.

The Chef Sleeve fits any iPad like a sleeve, but looks and functions more like a screen protector. The design is a disposable type, and comes in 25 sheets per pack ($20). This thin protective film maintains access to all output/input ports, as well as the touch screen sensitivity. The package also doubles as a tablet stand, which is quite clever. But you don’t need to be a chef to buy Chef Sleeve tablet cases. It works great outside the kitchen too, such as: garages, hospitals, at the pool/beach, or anyplace where greasy, dirty and/or wet fingers are handling the delicate iPad.

No mention of in-depth business plan, so this small brand could be just a one hit wonder. But the Chef Sleeve seemingly does have some staying power. Well, not literally, the throw-away design is 100% recyclable. This new iPad accessory is very affordable, and has a variety of applied uses beyond the kitchen. Still, many may be interested to see what else this brand will cook up next.


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