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Founded in 2009, Cocoon is a small company based in New York City and strives to design products that organize and protect the technological extensions of our lives and work. An intelligent and functional framework is at the heart of every accessory this company creates. Since the cocoon symbolizes metamorphosis and maturity, it is only fitting that the essence of designing Cocoon cases is a constant evolution.

The company currently offers over 10 models of Cocoon tablet cases, which include a variety of tablet cases with straps , shoulder cases , messenger bags and tablet sleeves . The company’s feature product is the GRID-IT, which provides an internal organization system with a unique weave of adjustable rubberized plastic bands that are designed to hold personal items firmly in place. Priced at $20-35USD, this company is committed to maintain affordability by targeting the low-end consumer.

While many companies focus on offering products specifically for the Apple iPad , Cocoon offers a collection to accommodate owners of a variety of popular tablet computer brands. The organizational features and overall functionality of this company’s accessories make the active urban professionals, with many items to carry during their hectic business schedule, the ideal target to buy Cocoon tablet cases.

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