Established 2004
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Founded in 2004, the France-based Covertec manufactures and markets carrying solutions for popular electronic devices. Although a simple and straightforward description, unfortunately we cannot communicate much more than this since the company lacks transparency with regard to their background and mission (perhaps surprising, given that the French are typically expected to be openly expressive and vocal about their motives and opinions.)

Though the company may not talk the talk, their collection of Covertec iPad cases may certainly walk the walk. Their sleek and modern designs will keep your device lightweight and trim. While these products convey a focus on functionality, their prices ($30-40USD) will also suggest that the company is equally concerned with establishing affordability.

This company has already developed a comprehensive line for other electronic devices, so it can be anticipated that its currently limited collection of tablet cases will expand as well. Though the company's veil of secrecy cannot confirm nor deny this, their current accessories for this particular market can speak for themselves, and should persuade those who seek a product worth its weight in gold to >buy Covertec tablet cases.


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