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Established in 2007, ECHO CREATIVE is a graphic, innovative design company with a resume of products that include: Apple accessories, lighting and 3C products. For compliment a modern lifestyle, this company designs and creates ECHO CREATIVE cases and accessories that are simple and user-friendly. Speaking of friendly, ECHO CREATIVE collaborates with other artists/designers, and also the products they make are the result of an entirely eco-friendly process.

The company wants to provide users with a completely functional and innovative experience, and any one of 3 available ECHO CREATIVE iPad cases will allow you to do just that. “The Painter” for iPad2 is a tablet smart case design, with a touch pen integrated into the binding fold. “The Cosse” for iPad2 is a basic tablet protector case that can be paired with the Apple Smart Cover. And “The Lettre” is slightly more robust tablet folding case with tablet stand function.

For more information about price and/or purchasing, you’ll need to contact ECHO CREATIVE for inquiry. At the very least check out their website, it’s one of the most clever we have seen! And if you would like to buy ECHO CREATIVE iPad cases, know that you can always count on us to help expedite your order.


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