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Unlike many of Chinese manufacturers, this company out of Taiwan is not afraid to communicate. Evouni proclaims they possess a passion to design simple, yet original products, in order to keep personal digital life evolving, fresh and fun. And while many of its Chinese competitors are focused on diversifying their interests into many different markets, this company is solely committed to developing tablet cases.

The company currently offers several different models of Evouni cases to the market. With leather cases, envelope cases and tablet sleeves, the company is focused on simple design. The price range of $30-120USD will confirm that this company is committed to accommodate an entire range of consumer budgets. The overall first impression of Evouni cases is that they represent everything that the company sets out to achieve in its products.

Evouni appears more than capable of attaining success and sustainability in this particular market. Such expectations can be attributed to the fact that, similar to the design of their cases, the company keeps its interests simple in order to maintain an attention toward detail. Any concerns about the origin of these products should be ignored, and consumers should not hesitate to buy Evouni tablet cases.


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