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This small Californian company is committed to develop products that offer style and protection for your electronic devices. As manufacturers of Snakeskin and EXO-Flex brands, the company strives to stick to this particular market with their unique products that offer removable and repositioning capabilities.

Those of you who look to buy EXO-Flex tablet skins will be pleased to find that the company offers a wide-assortment of colorful and imaginative pattern designs to match your individual lifestyle and/or personality. These products incorporate a material that will keep your device trim and protect it from scratches. With a price of $15USD, the company is focused on providing low-cost options to this particular market.

The name of EXO-Flex sounds more like a producer of muscle and steroid supplements than it does a manufacturer of tablet skins. This company’s products are not meant to attract those who wish to add bulk to their valuable electronic gadgets. Rather, they primarily target those consumers who wish to give their devices some added character and personality.


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