Established 2007
Origin JAPAN
Link Website
Product range Small

If you seek the facts about Factron, then we will begin by telling you that its the flagship store for Factus Design. They produce futuristic and unique accessories, which are designed for specific use with Apple mobile devices. Located in Japan, this company is focused on providing your electronic gadget with ultimate protection and style. They incorporate heavy metal materials to ultimately create a product that will shield your device against jarring impacts, while keeping it trim and looking cool.

The company holds the motto "well-being and excitement through design" and you should be excited about the well being of your device while enclosed in the Factron iPad case . Their lone development for the iPad owner is the High Defender tablet protector . Made entirely of aluminum metal, this is a limited edition model that represents innovative space age design. Much like many of their products, this particular accessory targets the high-end consumer with its price of over $600USD.

Factron’s products contrast the conservative and standard designs that saturate the market. If your budget can accommodate one, then you should definitely look to buy Factron tablet cases in order to protect your valuable device and reflect your forward-thinking personality.


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