Established 1975
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Founded in 1975, Ghurka is an American luxury luggage manufacturer committed to producing superb leather bags and accessories, handmade by only the most skilled artisans. The brand's products are made with the philosophy of superb craftsmanship, superior functionality and American style. The company’s luggage items feature iconic designs as well as contemporary classics and are built to last a lifetime. All Ghurka cases and carriers are individually numbered and registered, making them truly unique.

While every Ghurka bag and briefcase can certainly fit any current tablet PC, customers are also welcome to buy Ghurka tablet cases specifically designed for the Apple iPad family. Their product line is limited to tablet sleeves ($63) and tablet portfolio cases ($198-$213). The cases not only feature the genuine leather construction and the stunning design the brand is famous for, but also shield the devices from everyday harm and provide great functionality.

Luxury tablet cases are not rare, but Ghurka items stand out among competition thanks to the unique combination of hand-made craftsmanship, only the best leather materials, and versatile functionality. Every tablet case is crafted by hand to ensure the utmost quality, and is individually numbered to ensure its exclusivity.


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