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Contrary to what your eyes and empty stomach are trying to convince your mind to believe right now, Gizmac is not a new flavor of futuristic macaroni and cheese. Rather this company from California is a manufacturer of "gizmos for your lifestyle." Gizmac claims to offer products of varying colors, models and materials, which will add style and protection to Apple-produced handheld devices.

The company currently offers only a few models of Gizmac iPad cases . Though available in several colors to choose from, the style and incorporated materials of all three models is uniformly the same. Given that these accessories are simple tablet protectors priced at $25USD, this company is perceived to be primarily focused on delivering products to occupy the low-end sector of this particular market.

Unfortunately, for those of you who own a tablet computer other than the Apple iPad 1G, Gizmac is incapable of satisfying your needs at this time. Still, those of you who do in fact possess the first-generation iPad can look to buy Gizmac tablet cases as a low-cost option for your device.


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