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Gripcase has been alive about as long as their first customer, a 2 year old toddler named Charlie. The Gripcase founder had bought his son (Charlie) an iPad for Christmas (lucky kid, brave parent), which then inspired him to create a tablet case for kids that would protect the valuable device. But the USA company isn't focused on producing Gripcase cases only for children.

The Gripcase iPad case for iPad1 ($34.99) and for iPad2/new iPad ($39.99) comes in a variety of colors to. This tablet case for kids is injection molded with a microcellular closed-cell polymer (You’ll know it better as foam). The shock-absorbent material is wipe-clean washable and resistant to many things, including: scratches, stains, bacteria, mildew, UV rays and fading. The design features handles all around for holding the tablet in both landscape and portrait formats. And for those times when hands feel tired, there is the companion accessory the GripBase stand ($19.99).

Parents of young children need not be the only ones looking to buy Gripcase tablet cases. This solution can be useful in hospitals, garages, or simply anyone who desires a stress-free way to hold onto their valuable tablet. As the company continues to build upon the hard work and innovation that led them here, we look forward to more useful solutions being delivered to the tablet case market.


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