Established 2005
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FEIT is an Australian brand, founded in 2005, producing high-quality footwear and accessories. Each and every product is handcrafted from only the best natural materials, and the company also makes sure not to utilize any harmful chemicals during the manufacturing. The handmade nature of their goods makes every item truly unique, but also limited in numbers and availability. On top of footwear, the brand also produces small leather goods and FEIT cases.

There’s currently only one tablet accessory among the company’s products – an exquisite tablet envelope case named simply iPad Case ($450). With a price tag like that, not everyone can afford to buy FEIT tablet cases, but the item is worth every penny. It’s crafted from a single piece of Italian leather, which is tanned according to centuries-old method. Also worth mentioning that the tablet sleeve doesn’t have a single stitch.

FEIT ensures that all of their goods are of the utmost quality. Using only natural materials and no chemicals during manufacturing minimizes the harmful effect humans have on the planet. The company’s tablet cases are handmade to ensure that each and every item is truly unique. Minimalistic design, luxurious genuine leather, and limited numbers make FEIT cases into extremely sought-after tablet accessories.


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