Established 2010
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Product range Small

As designers of urban, trend-setting and functional accessories for electronic devices, id America aims to support those individuals who want to "rise above the ordinary." Based in New York City, this company strives "to deliver the essence of the city that is the heart and soul of design." Given these self-proclamations, one should anticipate exciting and impressive products from this company.

Given all the hype that this company projects, you may be discouraged to discover that they currently offer just 2 id America iPad cases . One case is designed for the Apple iPad and priced at $15 to offer a good low-cost value. The other, for the Apple iPad 2 , incorporates quality materials in a functional smart cover design, and appropriately priced at $50 to fit in amongst other mid-range tablet cases on the market.

It is unfortunate that this company only offers consumers with a limited choice to buy id America tablet cases at this time. We hope that this collection will soon expand to reflect their already impressive line of designs and styles for other portable electronic media devices.


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