Established 1996
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Jack Spade is an American men’s fashion apparel brand founded in 1996. The company is built on principles of honest, thoughtful design for a variety of practical purposes. The manufacturer makes a wide range of products from shirts, swimwear and pants, to bags, wallets and watches. The technological revolution resulted in a separate line of accessories for mobile gadgets including cases for laptops, smartphones, and Jack Spade cases.

The company offers a decent selection of styles for those who wish to buy Jack Spade tablet cases. These include tablet sleeves ($35-$185), tablet envelope cases ($95), and tablet folio cases ($125). The cases come in a variety of materials and colors, and can accommodate any Apple tablet model as well as a wide range of similarly sized devices.

When fashion design meets functional purpose great things can happen. This is the philosophy behind Jack Spade tablet cases, which are made to provide devices with durable impact protection without sacrificing stylish looks. Customers have lots of different styles and colors to choose from, and with a wide range of prices from affordable to high-end, everyone can own a Jack Spade tablet accessory.


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