Established 1958
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Located in Torino Italy, Lavatelli is a small company that has been family owned and operated for over a half a century. During its existence, Lavatelli has been offering a continuously evolving range of products and currently includes wall-stickers for in-home and office decoration, kitchenware and storage boxes. The company has recently entered the electronic device market by launching their new brand, iDesign. br> Lavatelli proclaims that with the launch of their new technology-brand, innovation has become their guiding principle. But for a company that declares to be driven by innovation, we are discouraged to learn that they have yet to develop, nor offer any Lavatelli tablet cases at this time. Mama Mia! They do offer accessories for laptops and mobile phones, but these products are basic tablet skins and not comprehensive tablet covers.

It is certainly awe-inspiring to learn about such longevity from a single family-owned business, yet their astonishing efforts have yet to transcend into the tablet case market. For now, all we can do is sit back and eagerly await their arrival and finally be given the opportunity to buy Lavatelli tablet cases.


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