Established 2011
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This American manufacturer was founded in 2011 with a purpose of producing and distributing unique smartphone and tablet accessory. Lazy-Hands cases offer users a highly comfortable, thumbs-free grip on their device and were an instant hit with gadget owners thanks to their simple design and multiple applications. On top of the techie devices, the accessories can also be used with clipboards, remotes, small tools and many other lightweight objects.

The company offers only one product, but it’s compatible with a wide range of smartphones, tablets, and lightweight objects. Owners of all Apple device, Kindles, Galaxy Tabs, and other gadgets can choose to buy Lazy-Hands tablet cases. The design of the cases is very simple: there’s an adhesive sheet which attaches to the back of the tablet and a pair of thumbs-three loop grips which can be positioned anywhere on the sheet. Prices range from $10 to $20 depending on the device.

True to their brand name, Lazy-Hands tablet cases provide device owners with freedom of operating their tablets with one or two hands, without the need to constantly grip the gadget. The genius design, simplicity of operation, and affordable pricing policy, make their cases highly popular with a wide base of clientele.


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