Established 2009
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Looptworks launched in 2009 with a mission to help rid the world of waste and inspire fashion-conscious individuals to reduce their impact on the planet. In many ways, the Looptworks approach toward fashion design and manufacturing has turned the apparel industry inside out. Based in Portland Oregon, the brand takes abandoned textile materials and repurposes them into up-to-date, limited-edition fashions, Looptworks cases and other accessories.

The “Gear” collection currently contains an ample selection of tablet cases that come in a range of shapes, sizes, colors and costs ($20 to $80). There is one exclusive Looptworks iPad case, a magnetic leather folio for iPad2/iPad3. The line of tablet sleeves includes one 10” leather case design. All other 7”, 9.5” and 10” designs are made of wetsuit material and feature one or two exterior zipper pockets for small accessory storage. Other possibilities include the backpack and messenger bag designs for laptops, which have pockets large enough to hold any sized tablet.

What the brand offers can lead a variety of individual budgets, tastes and lifestyles to buy Looptworks tablet cases. This is definitely one place to go for business cases, tablet cases for students, cases for ladies, and or anything to repurpose devices into something more stylish.


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