Established 1989
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Product range Small

In a suburb of Toronto, Edgar Matias began this company in the basement of his parents’ home. As a small start-up company, Matias is proud of the fact that they have survived the dot-com boom and bust, as well as the Great Recession, ever since their foundation in 1989. With a focus on function and innovation, the company designs accessories such as, adapters, keyboards and stands, for use with PCs and electronic mobile devices.

At this time, the company has introduced just one dedicated Matias case to the market, the iRizer iPad stand. Though it represents simplified design, this tablet stand will increase the usability of your device. This accessory primarily functions to offer your device with 5 different typing and viewing angles and provides it with rock-solid stability in the process.

While still a company of modest size, Matias has established a strong reputation for rescuing lost technologies, as well as for creating quality products and providing a high-level of customer service. Although they currently do not offer robust tablet cases for those who desire protection while on the move, they will attract those who primarily use their device at home or the office to buy Matias tablet cases.


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