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Established in 1998, Melkco is a Hong Kong company that designs and manufactures accessories for notebook computers and hand-held electronic mobile devices. Melkco is focused on delivering high-quality and stylishly designed products, and backs them all with strong commitment toward customer service. This company is proud to possess their own workshop, which enables them to quickly respond to the hottest technological trends by supplying Melkco cases directly to the market.

Melkco has developed a significant line of tablet cases, one of the most comprehensive that is offered by a single manufacturer. Their collection consists of many styles, which include tablet smart covers , hard cases , envelope cases , folding cases and tablet sleeves . From hip and modern, to conservative and business designs, these accessories are available in variety of colors. Though their prices start at $60 to target the mid-range consumer, many of these are leather cases priced at $100-$180 to occupy the high-end section of the market.

Melkco offers a vast collection of products that will accommodate owners of many tablet PC brands. Although this company quickly responds to booming markets, their products still maintain an attention toward detail and quality construction, which should ultimately attract many consumers to buy Melkco tablet cases.


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