Established 2010
Origin USA
Link Website  
Product range Small

The idea for this small company’s inception was inspired by a patented film cover that was originally designed for use by the US Air Force and NASA in helping to protect their valuable air and space crafts. In 2010, Invisible Phone Guard (IPG) was officially launched to begin offering this unique material to the general public for use with popular hand-held electronic devices.

This company offers just one IPG tablet screen protector , which is compatible with quite a few tablets including Apple iPad 2 , Motorola Xoom , HTC Flyer , Samsung Galaxy Tab and many more. The 'self-healing' technology of this film will allow your device to become immune to scratches and abrasions. Priced at $35USD, this product is an affordable opportunity to maintain the exterior finish of tablet computers.

IPG clearly provides an innovative product, as it has been proven to protect headlights/windows of fighter jets and space shuttles from the impact of birds and small meteorites. But if you buy Invisible Phone Guard screen protectors, we really hope that such freak occurrences will not happen to you while toting your device.


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