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Breaking down this brand name, the ‘Mi’ stands for ‘myself’ and ‘Pow’ represents ‘vitality & power’. No, they are not a manufacturer of male ‘enhancement’ pills, but rather MiPow has been a designer and producer of electronic accessories since 2006. The Hong Kong company creates MiPow cases that are functional, user-friendly and stylish.

The current collection of MiPow iPad cases offers consumers a variety of function and usability. The Wonder Pouch is a envelope tablet case and the Magic Mount functions as both a tablet stand and tablet car case . The Juice Cover is tablet smart cover , which is not named for its bright colors that are reminiscent of delicious fruit juices, but because it includes a built in battery to increase the power of your device. The Juice Book is a leather case that includes the innovative Power Tube, which will double the lifespan of your device’s battery.

MiPow strives to provide the consumer with high-quality and stylish choices in all of their product series. Although limited, their introductions to this particular market answer the demands for function, usability and innovative design, which should give you plenty of incentive to buy MiPow tablet cas


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