Established 2008
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A Taiwanese manufacturer mobile electronics accessories, Opt, was established in 2008. The company produces a wide range of functional items for various gadgets including smartphones, laptops, and Opt tablet cases. Their portfolio includes cases, chargers, cables, cooling stations, and other peripherals, all designed to enhance the way users interact with their devices.

Those who wish to buy Opt tablet cases have a lot of choices on their hands. Their product range includes a long list of peripherals, while their tablet case portfolio consists of the following styles: tablet folio cases, tablet keyboard cases, tablet portfolios, tablet sleeves, and tablet back protectors. The cases were designed to accommodate all Apple tablets, but some items can also fit a range of similarly sized devices.

Opt strives to combine function and form when designing and manufacturing their tablet accessories. With a wide array of styles any tablet owner can surely find a device accessory that best suits their needs. The company utilizes a range of high-quality, durable materials to produce their items, and there are also great many colors and design prints to choose from.


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