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With an eye for detail and practicality, expert artisans at the Centro Stile Orbino create a unique collection of innovative and high-quality Italian leather accessories and Orbino cases that accentuate the modern lifestyle. In contrast to the large wholesalers and mass production conglomerates, Orbino strives to separate itself from the competition by offering personalized products that stand out for their design and superior craftsmanship.

The company has developed just one Orbino iPad case , the Padova II, a tablet flip case that is specifically designed for the iPad 2 . Available in four colors of premium bark tanned leather, these luxury tablet cases are priced at $209USD. Orbino also offers special edition exotic skins, which include brown crocodile for $689, and four shades of ostrich grain for $569.

Orbino cases do not offer added bulk or ornate decoration, but rather simple, trim and elegant protection for your valuable device. These premium leather handmade tablet cases will most likely target Fortune 500 company CEO’s, as well as other high-profile business professionals and high-end consumers to buy Orbino tablet cases. Still, if you have the means, we encourage you to purchase one in order to stand out in the boardroom and/or be the envy of your business colleagues.


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