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Recognizing the need for rugged flashlights that wouldn’t leak or fail underwater, Dave Parker founded this company out of his garage in 1976. From these humble beginnings, the Torrance California-based Pelican Products, Inc. has since expanded to become a global leader in designing and manufacturing advanced portable lighting systems and high-performance Pelican cases. Obviously you are most interested in the later, and you’ll be happy to learn the company now offers tablet owners accessories for extreme protection.

The company currently offers several different hard cases to fit the Apple iPads and tablets 7" to 9" in size. The 1055CC and 1065CC (4.1/5 Editor's Rating), and i0175 (4.6/5 Editor's Rating) each incorporate a watertight gasket and easy-to-open latch that remains locked under pressure or serious impact. These cases are also designed with a plush, shock-absorbing liner to avoid scratching your device. In summary, Pelican delivers some of the best rugged cases to the tablet case market.

One Pelican case owner reports losing his case in a tsunami, which he found fully intact the next day 2km away from its last known location. When he opened it, all of his possessions were bone dry and undamaged. If this doesn't convince certain tablet users to buy Pelican tablet cases, then also consider the fact that Pelican is entrusted by the US Military to build cases for safely transporting helicopter blades and missiles.

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