Established 1991
Origin USA
Link Website 
Product range Small

Rick Owens is an American designer, who opened his own luxury lifestyle company in 1991. The brand’s items are favored by a wealth of rock stars and other individuals wishing to ooze rebel and avant-garde reputation. The designer strives to combine elegance with barbaric and sloppy looks in his creations. The company’s product line includes men’s and women’s clothing, footwear, accessories, furniture and most recently Rick Owens tablet cases.

There are a couple of choices for those who want to buy Rick Owens tablet cases. The styles are limited to tablet envelope cases and tablet sleeves, but each and every case is made from top notch materials and offers stunning looks on top of decent impact protection. Owner of iPad 2 and later generations as well as other similarly sized devices can choose a case for their tablet here. The prices range from $200 to $400 and up.

A combination of barbaric, raw looks with elegant premium materials makes Rick Owens tablet cases truly unique and popular with avant-garde individuals. Each item is of the utmost quality and is built to last offering not only unique looks, but also safeguarding the device from bumps and bruises.


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